Henry Oliver is a writer, speaker, and brand consultant. He writes regularly for outlets like the New Statesman, The Critic, and UnHerd. He writes the popular Substack The Common Reader, which was recently mentioned in the Atlantic. His book Second Act is about late bloomers. In 2022, he was given an Emergent Ventures grant

“Henry Oliver is a rare talent: smart, funny and insightful. Second Act showcases his wide reading, deep understanding and playful prose style. Read this book to discover why it’s never too late for a second act in your own life.”
Helen Lewis, Atlantic writer, author of Difficult Women

"When we feel defined by the past we can struggle to see a different future. With its mix of compelling stories and persuasive evidence, Second Act will make you realise that, far from being done, you haven't even got started yet."
Ian Leslie, author of How to Disagree, writes The Ruffian 

“Henry Oliver’s new book on late bloomers will revolutionize how we think about talent, and how we study the history of the arts and also politics. It is one of the forthcoming books I most want to read.”
Tyler Cowen, economist, author of Talent, Marginal Revolution

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